Privacy Policy

Privacy policy refers to the terms and conditions governing the release of information about an individual, business or an organization. Usually it is aimed at protecting the data related to a person in terms of their name, medical history, place of residence and even their financial positions. The information contained should be in accordance to the law and of course the privacy policy too.

Forskolin website has its privacy policy which basically has rules and regulations regarding access and use of the site. Users are only allowed to access information in this website only after reviewing the terms and conditions provided and have agreed to adhere by them. Whereby you are given the opportunity to download data from the website but this is not a guarantee that you use the downloaded data as you please because there are restrictions on how to use the information. For instance you are not allowed to make any changes in the document or use it publicly for your shows and events. In the event that you lose any information or profits in the process of carrying out your business activities due to the insufficient use of information gathered, Forskolin will at no point be held responsible.

The privacy policy for Forskolin website review contains the information regarding to your personal data collection, use and the production of information collected. They are as elaborated below;

  • They give you the need for and collection of your personal information whenever it is done. This is to make the clients know for what purpose they are revealing information about themselves.
  • They must seek your consent before collecting information regarding your personal life and ensure that they remain as lawful as possible. This is to ensure that they don’t use illegal ways to collect data from you.
  • Information collected should only be used to meet the reasons highlighted and not for any other reasons they did not specify. Besides this information should only be kept for as long as that purpose has not been met after which there is no point in holding the information much longer.
  • Personal data collected from the clients should at all costs be kept out of rich of unauthorized hands. This is to ensure that the information is safely kept as this is in line with the guidelines and provisions of the Forskolin website to protect data collected from the customers.
  • The Forskolin website has its limits when it comes to data collection. That is to say that there are certain information that they will not go deep into inquiring about. For instance they will not go into asking information about minors below age 13.

The above policies regulate how this website operates in that it will only work exclusively within the set rules whereby anything out of the policies will be considered as violations of the rules. They are in accordance with the law to ensure their customers of safety handling and keeping of the information entrusted to them by the clients and assure them of the correct usage of the data they have provided.